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Feeding the world. Is there an app for that?

Feeding the world. Is there an app for that?
Source: BrightVibes

The rise of technology has democratised charity. We take a look at 2 apps which can help to not waste food and alleviate hunger.

Feed the World with your phone

With the rise of technology and apps and the democratisation of starting a company we are seeing more and more inspired people who are looking to build business not solely for their own profit and success but to help others too.

Andra Tomsa was a recent mother who wanted her child to be proud of her – much like our own co-founder Michiel! 

Andra Tomsa talking about Spare How did Spare come about? Source: YouTube

She went about building the Spare app that can round up the change on a food bill to feed hungry New Yorkers. They wanted to fill the missing meal gap in NYC which currently stands at around 235 million meals throughout NYC each year.

"If we can inspire 10% of New Yorkers to round up to $6 a month we can fill that gap at virtually no impact on the individual" says Tomsa.

Feed Forward

Feed Forward is an app created by Komal Ahmad creating an app whilst at Berkeley training to be a medical doctor.

Feed Forward is about unlocking the food waste from restaurants and businesses everyday and quickly delivering it to those in need.  All donations unlock a tax credit too both for the business donating and Feed Forward to cover the costs in collecting and distributing the food.

We think these two women are superb in what they are trying to achieve! 

Let us know if you are looking to create something similar.

Komal Ahmad Why did she want to create this app? Source: YouTube
Make an Impact

Feed Forward

If you live in Oakland, San Fran, Berkeley, San Jose, Palo Alto or Emeryville sharing excess food has never been easier