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All people think this. The French did it.

All people think this. The French did it.
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French supermarkets are being forced to help those who can’t afford to eat in a remarkable way

French supermarkets forced to give food to charity

The French government have passed legislation that will force supermarkets to give away their waste food to charities, in the hope that homeless people or people living below the bread line will be able to eat, without having to forage in bins, as they have been reportedly doing. Most the food that supermarkets throw away is still perfectly edible, and so it’s great news for the environment and for charities that this food will be put to better use. 

Currently, we waste far too much food, around 1.6 billion tonnes, 1.3 billion of which is ‘edible’. This is bad for the environment, and the waste itself could be put to better use. 

1,6 billion tons of food is wasted per year Source: None
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